Tech writing and telework and study…

We tested the ball retrieving this morning on our walk. There was a little bit of improvement, but the distractions were almost overwhelming. There are always such good smells at the park…and then there are the other dogs…

I worked some more this afternoon on my tech writing marketing then spent time researching courses I want to do and catching up on the mailing list messages that I missed while we were away. There was an interesting and robust discussion that included the reluctance of some companies to accept remote workers. This is something I recently came up against myself. I’ve worked remotely in the past, with a great deal of success, but the company I was most recently working for wouldn’t hear of it. They had all sorts of excuses, but nothing that washed with me. They were the same excuses that other people were being given by other companies as well. I started exploring telework options and articles and came across an interesting post on the Break Down the Walls blog: Telework bill just a signature away. There’s plenty of other information out there supporting telework including Telework Australia. It’s obvious that encouraging remote work is, in many cases, a good business and economic decision for a company. Admittedly it works better for some occupations than others and for some people than others. Tech writing is one of those occupations that is perfect for telework. A business can easily use productivity vs costs as a guage of whether telework is a success or not.

I found a few courses that I’m interested in and also some good technical book recommendations. On the topic of courses, I was enrolled by my employer in a self-paced upgrade to my Cert IV Assessment and Workplace Training through Productivity Places Program (PPP) for Existing Workers Govt funding. I’ve received very little assistance with this and I’m supposed to be finished by the end of this month. At first there was no dedicated ‘self-paced coordinator’ at the company. I had no clue for the first three months just what the process was, I was given no information at all. I was eventually given a manual and should have had regular contact with a coordinator. It didn’t happen. They employed a new coordinator just before we went to New Zealand and she was supposed to give me a call last Monday to set up an appointment to go over what I need to do and plan how I’m going to get it done. I’ve heard nothing from her. I know I’m partly at fault in this for letting it go, but I’ve had no guidance at all and I did try to press for some help early on. I doubt I can get it completed now in the required time and if I want to try I guess I’m going to have to start pushing again.

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