The job…

Back in February I interviewed for a job that I really wanted. It quite excited me and I was pretty disappointed to be pipped at the post by someone with experience in a similar role.

On Moday this week I got a call from the ‘headhunter’ who originally found me for the job. He told me that the company had contacted him and asked for me specifically to fill another opening. They didn’t want to advertise the job if I was available and interested. I said yes, I’d like to talk with them about it again. Wasn’t entirely certain that I would want to get back into the commute routine (I know I don’t like it at all) but thought I’d probably regret it if I said no. After all, it’s exactly the job I’ve been wanting to get for the past few years. Even turned one, with a different company, down a couple of years ago because it involved too much travel.

So I met with the manager yesterday. All went very well. He emphasised how difficult they found it to make the decision last time. The job is mine, they just have to make the formal offer. I told them I can start on Aug 1st. Walking in there yesterday and talking to the manager again just confirmed in my mind that this is the job (and the type of company) I’ve been aiming towards for the past few years. I won’t like the commute, I know that (the job is in Nedlands so it will mean a train ride then a short bus ride), but hey – you can’t have everything!

So…you ask, “what is this job?”

Support and Training Consultant for a mining software company. Job responsibilities include:

  • Client support (phone, email, face-to-face)
  • Training to current and new software users and in-house training for new staff (in-house, onsite, and at 3rd party venues – but not a huge amount of onsite training). This includes organising everything related to conducting the training.
  • Product development – Liaise with the product development team and software users during the software design cycle.
  • Assist the Sales and Marketing teams by providing technical support during sales demos, etc.
  • Development and update of course materials. Their current course books are fabulous. The layout is great – great templates, and their development process is a good one.

It might not excite all of you out there, but it excites me enough to draw me back out of my cosy existence of doing a little bit of work when I want to, walking dogs, doing tai chi and whatever else I feel like doing on any given day.

I’d be good at this…I know it…

I went for an interview yesterday for a job I’d really love. It’s a business support position – supporting a company’s various offices in their use of their computer systems. I’d be working with lots of different people in different offices around Perth and doing lots of different things; both software and hardware. I really enjoy support roles and teaching people how to do computer ‘stuff’. This job is in an industry that I’ve had no experience in before, so there’d be lots for me to learn and that’s exciting.
I don’t know how many people were interviewed but I do know that originally this was intended as a graduate role. That means that the money’s not great, but it’s enough to make me happy. I’m not looking for big money, I’m looking for a job I’ll enjoy. They also expressed some reservations about me being overqualified for the position. Once again, I emphasised that I applied for the position because I want a job that I’ll enjoy.
I’ve been asked to send an email over the weekend with a paragraph or two explaining what I would bring to the job – why they should employ me rather than someone else, I guess. This is something that they’ve asked of everyone they interviewed. I’ve spent a bit of time thinking about this and putting into words this afternoon. I’ll give myself a chance to think on it a bit more overnight before I send the email.
It would be so nice to have a job that has a future and that I can see myself being happy in for the long term.
Wish me luck. I really want this job!

I just got a call to say that I didn’t get the job. It was good of them to call and not just send an email. Apparently it was a very difficult decision and I made it to the last 2 or 3. Oh well. I’ll keep looking and if anything else comes up that I’m interested in I’ll apply.