Walking and websites…

The temperature was much more pleasant today. Anzac and I went for our walk again. I remember to put on my pedometer –over 10,000 steps and about 7.5km. It was a very enjoyable walk and we saw our neighbour and her beagle, Shelley, along the way. Zac recognised Shelley long before I did (they often went for walks together while we were away) and he went straight down into the border collie lie-and-watch position. They were very excited to see each other. Anzac has been very timid around other dogs when he’s on the lead – especially big dogs like woolly golden retrievers. Very strange. He had no problem when he’s off the lead.

After we got home I got stuck into working on my tech writing website; fixing the look and feel and working on some marketing material to add to it in preparation for sending out a marketing email to promote my freelance tech writing. I went from there to my old webfaery website and on to the blog to change the colours to match those more subtle colours I’d chosen for the tech writing site. I’d had the same colours on webfaery for years. It’s now updated and nowhere near as in-your-face. That took me all day and half the night to finish with breaks only for a late lunch and an even later tea – after I realised at about 7:15 that I had no milk.

Luckily the supermarkets are open until 9pm now so I ducked out for milk and chocolate (essential staples), came home, made a smoothie and got stuck back into the web changes.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a New Zealand post uploaded (I only have four days left to post) and I didn’t get any of the door sanding done that I had planned for the day.