And back to the garden…

Last night was a late night and it was nice to just take our time and relax this morning; not that I sleep in much. I think I was up around 8-8:30. That is quite a big sleep in for me, though!

This afternoon we worked in the garden. There was rain forecast so we wanted to get the plants that we bought last weekend into the ground. Stephen took care of that while I laid the pea straw on the rose garden. I also put the remaining straw and some sugar cane mulch on three of the veggie beds. The other two beds have seeds coming up and we don’t want to mulch them out.

The beds look great with the fresh straw. Mulching the rose beds is quite a job, though. Getting around the rose bushes is a very prickly situation. And then I had to resituate the tricklers and test them. I had one gusher – one of the soft lines and come adrift from the main line, but it was easy to locate under the straw, it sounded like a waterfall!

The rain finally came; not heavy, though. It’s not much more than heavy drizzle, but it’s contuing so that’s good. Any rain is better than none and the garden will be smiling.

As usual, there was also much time spent throwing the ball for Anzac. He is persistent and never seems to tire of chasing the ball. He stops now and then for a tussle with Kaz, but you never get much of a break from having a soggy, drool soaked tennis ball dropped in your lap and then being poked and prodded until you throw it!

The freshly mulched rose garden

The freshly mulched rose garden

The freshly mulched tomato bed

The freshly mulched tomato bed

Freshly mulched veggie beds

Freshly mulched veggie beds

Veggie beds without mulch.

Veggie beds without mulch.This one has beans coming up, and up the other end there are hundreds of spring onions.

Pea straw, plants and pups at play…

The last couple of days have been quire warm and unpleasantly windy. You’d think I’d be used to the wind and wouldn’t dislike it so much.

We bought a couple of bales of lovely pea straw for mulching the roses and veggie gardens. It’s nice, clean, white, dry straw. Perfect. We’ll get it laid next weekend.

We went to Zanthorrea Nursery to buy a couple of plants, and to have a look around. We haven’t been over there for a while. As is typical when we go to Zanthorrea we come home with more than we planned. We wanted to buy a wattle to replace one that died in spring after flowering; we bought two. We wanted a coneflower (Isopogon formosus); we have one already, but it’s quite hidden, so we wanted to plant one somewhere where we can see it. We bought two; Isopogon formosus and Isopogon latifolia that has a more protea type leaf.

We took the pups to the beach and had a lovely time, as always. Kaz is going into the water more and more all the time now.  She even stepped into the pool yesterday when I filled it for Anzac. Normally she won’t go near the pool of her own accord, we have to really coax her. And at the beach she’s running in belly deep even when there are crashy waves. It’s amazing the way the beach changes over time. At this time of year the surf is so rough that it sweeps the beach away. Lots of rocks were uncovered and so much sand was washed away that instead of a flat beach we have a sand cliff. It’s the same each December, but in the autumn the sand comes back .

Talking of the pool – we have a clamshell that we fill one side of for the dogs. Usually only Anzac uses it and, oh boy, does he love it. He loves to get under the hose as you fill the pool and then he gets in and splashes like crazy. He’s so much fun to watch!