Friends and dragons…

A lovely day again today.

I started with a pedicure and manicure by Kim at Beauty @ Home. Always a good way to start the day and my hands and feet feel lovely.

Then into town to have lunch with another friend made at RMS. The positive about working there was the friendship group that resulted. Ally is a lovely lady and it looks like she’s landed a very good and well deserved job. It was great to catch up with her for lunch. We’re going to make it a regular date.

After lunch I called into Fantastic Planet bookshop and ordered Dave Freer’s Dragon’s Ring. I had meant to put in a much earlier pre-order but didn’t make it to Fantastic Planet to do so last week when I was in Perth. If I had I might even have the book now. The paperback version of Dragon’s Ring comes out on December 28th, but if your bookshop has it you can probably buy it now (something to do with overseas publishers sending the books out early so the bookshops will have them in stock to sell on release day).

You can buy it online from Fishpond, The Book Depository, Amazon or your favourite bookshop. You probably should have a Dave Freer book on your bookshelf so I’ve made it easy for you to buy one. 😉

I also called into the Oxfam Australia shop to buy some last minute gifts for friends. A worthwhile place to spend some money.

And to finish up today here’s a photo of the little lord of the manor.

Anzac getting comfortable

Anzac getting comfortable