Happy New Year…

A combined New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day post.

Yesterday we had a fairly busy day. We went shopping to buy some gifts for a Chinese auction that was to be held at the neighbours New Year’s Eve party last night. We also did some other shopping and I’m now the proud owner of a 1 litre Bodum french press so if you come and visit us (or just me) I can now make you coffee!  We also threw in some grocery shopping and a visit to Bunnings.

We weren’t familiar with what a Chinese (or gift exchange) auction was. Once it started, though, we realised it was the same game played on My Family the other night on the (replayed?) Christmas 2009 special. That’s the only other time we’ve heard of the game. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the game and the party. It was the first time we saw the New Year in for years.

We slept in this morning. Ha! some might say 8:30 isn’t much of a sleep in, but for me it is. It was warm enough to put water in the pool for Anzac. He splashed and paddled and went to town in it as usual. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned the way Anzac likes to play with his water bowl, pushing it round the paving, tipping it over and running round with it tossing it in the air. Here’s a video to show you a little of what I mean:

You can probably guess why he has a plastic water bowl and not a stainless steel one. He pushes the stainless steel bowl around the pavers with just as much (if not more) vigour. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that he likes to do the same thing with buckets:

Well, this morning he decided he could drag the pool around. That’s a clamshell pool with water in it. He’s not interested in dragging the pool when it’s empty; there’s no water to splash over the sides. He grabbed hold with his teeth and did manage to move it several inches before I told him to stop. He made several attempts and moved it a bit each time.

This afternoon we watched the Hopman Cup tennis and I caught up on some ironing. I’m really not looking forward to Stephen’s new job where he has to wear a business shirt each day.