Learning? Ah, not so much. Squeaky, squeak…

Today’s Advanced Word class was a real disappointment. I had high hopes after Wednesday’s Intermediate class. The presenter wasn’t very knowledgable at all. I wonder how advanced her Word skills are. Much of what we did covered what I’d class as basic skills. Formatting, Mail Merge (which we covered much more succinctly on Wednesday), Word Art, Text Boxes – all basic stuff and she didn’t use styles at all for text formatting, just the format buttons. We also covered interactive forms, but she showed us the way to input the legacy field controls rather than the 2007 Content Controls. I think I knew more than she did; I had to tell her how to do a few things, and those I didn’t know I was able to figure out and tell her, before she could. No doubt we’ll cover printing and dictionaries and more formatting before we get to the things I enrolled for e.g. Macros and Master Documents. And even then, I get the feeling we’ll only touch on those things, not go into the depth I need. I doubt there’ll be much more than I already know or could figure out myself. All of these things are listed in the course outline, but I thought they’d touch on the more advanced aspects and cover the things I’m interested in, in more depth. Not so. Though I do wonder how much of this is due to the trainer. I really do think the trainer we had the other day was more capable, more interested and interesting, and a far better trainer. Two of the others in the class of four were in the Intermediate class with me and they were saying the same thing about the trainer.

I will be able to sit the Microsoft Certified Word Specialist exam for no additional cost, for what that’s worth. Perhaps it will be worth something on my resumé.

I had to go to the supermarket on my way home and bought the dogs a couple of new soft squeakies. They have other soft squeakies but these have been a real hit with Anzac in particular. He’s been racing through the house, jumping over the sofa and over our bed and teasing Kaz while he’s been almost constantly squeaking one of them. He seemed to favour one for a while but then swapped for the other and tore around with it. It was also involved in a doggy tug-of-war and survived, so all in all a very good buy.

Our veggie and rose gardens are thriving now that they have targeted water supplies. The roses are looking so healthy and all sorts of seeds are germinating in the veggie garden. The seedling that we planted are growing like crazy as well.


Stephen went up to the mine for the last time this morning and I went off to an Intermediate Word course. I wasn’t sure whether I’d made the right decision doing Intermediate Word, but the course outline described a few things that I wanted to be able to do better; a few things that I had questions about. It was well worth it. I really enjoyed the course. The facilitator was very knowledgable and the day’s pace was perfect. I’ve been in a few courses where the knowledge has been good, but the presenter has been a bit slow, dragging on where he/she could have upped the pace. We reviewed a lot of stuff that I already knew, but much was clarified. I now understand why some things don’t work (or don’t work as expected), and know how to do a few others things that I wasn’t sure about.

I was also impressed with the lunch arrangements. Catered lunches at courses are often less than impressive. We were each given a voucher that we could use to buy lunch from one of five or six nearby cafés. I went to Jaws East Perth Sushi Restaurant. Yum!

I’m doing an advanced course on Thursday and Friday and really looking forward to that. It will cover quite a bit that I’ve never done before.

I got home and, of course, the pups were extremely happy to see me. Anzac went out into the garage later in the evening when I left the door open and laid down behind the car, refusing to move. I left him out there for about half an hour (with the door open so he could come in) and he wouldn’t move until I offered him some treats. I think the problem was that my handbag was on the kitchen bench and that usually means I’m going out in the car!

I finally got around to filling in the enrollment paperwork for the Graduate Diploma in Information Design that I’ve been accepted into, only to discover that I need to include a verified copy of my passport. I’m studying through Christchurch Polytechnic and so I’m an International student. I’ll have to see if I can get a verified copy tomorrow so I can get this paperwork sent off.

And now it’s time to watch Black Books and write my Christmas Cards!