Oh Christmas tree…

Lunch with Zoe today was, as usual, very tasty. And as usual, the company was great. We went to Macchiato again. Unfortunately, Kimberley couldn’t make it.

After lunch I met with the self-paced learning coordinator about my Cert IV TAA upgrade. It looks like it’s all going to be much easier than I thought. Not too much to get done at all. If I’m able to take part in the volunteer training that I’m interested in, that will make things even easier.

I caught up with a few friends at my old workplace while I was there, it was good to see them, but didn’t make me wish to be back there at all. Things haven’t changed at all.

This afternoon we decorated the Christmas tree, put out a few Christmas ornaments and hung a few lights. A bit late I know, but we were a bit hesitant because of Anzac. We didn’t put too many decorations on the tree, we don’t want to push our luck with the pup. We’ve had the wreath on the front door for a week or so. Anzac did take an interest in the balls on the tree (ball-crazy dog that he is) but he was soon distracted by his favourite rubber ball. He was more alarmed by the small pair of antlers that I hung on the corner of the telly.

I forgot to mention that last week, on the Monday, I called up to renew my subscription to Organic Gardening magazine. As a gift for resubscribing they sent me a nice monthly planting guide calendar. It arrived on the Wednesday! Two days! I have no idea how they did that. And at Christmas time! If only the mail was always so efficient. I guess it must have been delivered by courier, not Australia Post. It was left on the doormat while I was out.

Lunch and study

Today was a quiet one. I woke with a tight lower back after yesterday’s day in the garden, so didn’t want to push myself into really hurting my back.

I did go out for lunch with a couple of girlfriends who I used to work with. We had a very nice lunch at a cafe in Joondalup called Macchiato. They make very tasty toasted turkish bread sandwhiches and do a pretty good hot chocolate, though I really don’t like this trend of serving hot chocolate in a glass mug. It gets cold too fast and too often it’s not hot enough to start out with – though that wasn’t the case this time. I hadn’t planned to talk much about the workplace, but as I said to one of them, it’s a bit like watching a train wreck. You really don’t want to see what’s happened but you can’t drag your eyes away.

The self-paced coordinator was duly prompted to give me a call (thanks, K) but I wasn’t able to take it and couldn’t get back to her this afternoon. Interesting that in the message she left, she spoke about my ‘OHS’ course when that’s not what I’m enrolled in. Before I went on holidays she told me she’d schedule me in her diary for the first week in December to review my ‘business’ course.  hmmmm.  The course I’m enrolled in is actually the BSZ to TAA upgrade.

I have gone through the course materials again and there’s no way I’m going to be able to get the work done in a couple of weeks. So much of the evidence that I need to provide seems to be related to group work that I’m not even sure how to approach it. Another case of the company dropping the ball.