Right click, left click…

My New Moon Eclipse horoscope, by Kim Falconer, today said:

The New Moon Eclipse is all about creating a powerful new intention for the upcoming year and you ‘eclipse’ is happening in your 10th house of career and public image. If you ever thought you could vision your dream-come-true occupation, now is the time. You could fly to the moon with this energy. Get up and go for it!


I received an email from the Community Development Officer at one of the local councils. He wanted to discuss my ideas for hiring their computer lab and offering computer classes that would complement the basic classes that they already run. I went over and met with him. He was very enthusiastic and encouraging and is certain that there’s a big demand for the types of courses I want to offer. I’ve offered to do some volunteer training for them and he’s offered to work with me however he can to support my business. He sees it as part of his community development role to offer his community options that the council can’t actually provide by linking with a provider who can offer those options.

Their computer room is bright and airy and the hire is very reasonably priced.

Now I need to put together my bread-and-butter course. I’m going to start this slowly and make sure I get every stage as right as I can before moving on to the next. I also need to set up all my business stuff – business name, insurance, business cards and brochures. I also want to sit the MS Word exam that I’m eligible to sit thanks to the course that got me moving in this direction.

There’s learning¬† to be found in every experience and there can be good outcomes from even negative experiences.