I do like it when the house is nice and clean. I only wish it would stay that way for a while. With the weather here being so dry and windy and the whole area being so sandy the dust is a real nuisance. You wipe a shelf clean at lunch time and by tea time you can see your finger trail as you wipe it across that same shelf. And with our hairy dogs, when you vacuum and wash the floor it looks lovely. But by the time you’ve rinsed the bucket and put the mop away there are new tumbleweeds of hair rolling across the floor.

Today was a housekeeping day. I worked inside and Stephen worked outside in the garden. Then this afternoon a trip to Bunnings.

The security screen installer cam and fitted the new screen in the bathroom. All of our windows and doors finally have security screens. It’s only taken me 3 years to get around to getting this last screen.

Still no word from the fencer. I guess he’s taking this week off. No word from the neighbour’s insurance company yet, either. Hopefully they’ll approve payment of his half for the entire length. There are strong wind warnings out for tonight.

And to finish up, a couple of pictures…

The veggie garden today

The veggie garden today

A dog and his man

A dog and his man

Two days for the price of one…

Not much happened yesterday, so no post. It was a very quiet day. Anzac and I went for a walk and just about everything startled him. He walked as far away as possible from a large woman in a blue and black tracksuit. He refused to walk past a wheelie bin that was covered in a garden scene. We had to cross the road to get past it.

It was very windy; I’m so sick of the wind. It makes the summer in this area so unpleasant.

Stephen had to go into the office and he took the car so I was home without it.  I should have done a lot, but I didn’t get much done that was constructive. I should have done some more sanding so I could get the first stage of the painting done, but didn’t. What I did was a lot more research reading tech writing blogs and then ended the day by applying for a job as a technical assistant with an oil and gas company. While I really want to go with the freelance tech writing, I’m still applying for jobs that look interesting. Nothing else will give me the freedom that freelancing will give, though.

Today started with a visit by the fencing contractor to have a look at the fence so he can quote and write a report for the insurance company. We also met the next door neighbor’s son and daughter-in-law, who came over to find out what’s happening about the fence. Nice people. We’ll email him the quote and report when we get it so he can send it on to his dad’s insurance company.

We pruned a few of the shrubs in the front yard as they’ve now finished flowering. The Geraldton Waxes were looking a bit scruffyso they’ve now been cut back and shaped a bit; the Toothbrush Grevillea was way too big and spreading too wide so we took quite a bit off the top and around the sides; some of the groundcover Grevilleas were spreading too far and covering the path, making it hard to get through the garden, so we cut those back to straight edges.

I had a call from a friend who wondered if I was interested in re-writing his friend’s resumé. He’s going to pass on my contact info. Maybe resumé writing is something I should add to my tech writing offerings.

The rest of the day was filled with normal Saturday things like grocery shopping, laundry, dead-heading the roses and throwing the ball for Anzac.

Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow…

Our organic veggie garden continues to be very productive.

Our Veggie Garden

Our Veggie Garden

We’re still getting tomatoes from the same 3 plants that were so prolific back in January. Mum started picking tomatoes for us while she was looking after our girls when we went away for the week in December. We had such an abundance of tomatoes in january that she made us a huge batch of tomato relish. The plants aren’t producing in excess right now, but we’re still picking enough each week, that we really don’t feel ready to pull out the plants and reutilise the bed.
The 5 bok choy plants are still giving us more than we can use. They have been a great producer. We just go out with a big bowl and a sharp knife and cut off a bowlful of leaves and add them to whatever we’re cooking for tea. The plants are lovely and healthy and as long as we keep cutting, they keep growing and haven’t gone to seed.
Now that the weather is milder (mid-high 20’s(C) during the day and low teens overnight) the silver beet is doing really well. We have Fordhook Giant and Rainbow Chard varieteis planted. Last week I made a yummy silver beet pie (to a spinach pie recipe) with feta cheese and filo pastry. Silver beet can be a bit bitter, but if you pick te leaves while the are fairly small and young they are delicious, and most people think the coloured stem varieties are sweeter.
We had a few nice cobs of corn. Next year we need to plant more.
The first sweet corn from our garden

The first sweet corn from our garden

The beans haven’t been as successful as we would have liked, but we are getting about a handful a week from them. That bed is really under-utilised, though.
Something is eatitng our broccoli! We had a couple of nice heads growing then went out one morning and half of one of the heads had gone. The next morning that whole head was gone! A couple of days later the other forming heads had been eaten as well. We managed to pick one nice head for ourselves. We can only think that we have a possum visiting the garden at night, though it’s not eating anything else and I would have thought a possum would be interested in ripening tomatoes.
We have an abundence of chillis. Hungarian yellows, scotch bonnets, and several other varieties.
Some of the chilli peppers from our garden

Some of the chilli peppers from our garden

Most seem to be pretty high on the heat scale, so I’m staying away from those.