Wizard to the power of two…

Karen Miller (aka KE Mills) ran a competition to win an advance copy of her new Rogue Agent book, Wizard Squared, and I won a copy!  As if winning itself isn’t exciting enough, the book arrived today! WooHoo! I usually never win anything so that makes it even better.

Wizard Squared By K. E. Mills

Wizard Squared By K. E. Mills

If you haven’t read any of Karen’s books, and you’re a fantasy fan, you are really missing out. She’s a very prolific, and quality,  writer – writing at a punishing pace and celebrating sending her books to the publisher in the strangest ways!

From her website: “Karen Miller is the author of the bestselling fantasy duology Kingmaker, Kingbreaker, the fantasy trilogy Godspeaker, the bestselling tie-in novels Stargate SG-1: Alliances and Stargate SG-1: Do No Harm and Star Wars The Clone Wars: Wild Space. Writing as K.E. Mills she is the author of the Rogue Agent series.”

I haven’t read any of her Stargate or Star Wars books, but I have read all the rest and I highly recommend them.

I think I’ll have to take a break from my current book and read Wizard Squared instead but don’t expect any spoilers when I’m done. The book is due for release in Oz on 31 January, 2010 but if you haven’t read the first two Rogue Agent books you really should go out and get them first.

Thanks again Karen!