Oop poop a doo-doo…

What is wrong with those dog-owners to don’t pick up after their dogs? I just don’t get it…and obviously neither do they; but in a different way, altogether.
The dog-friendly beaches, parks and walks in our area all have doggy-do disposal bags and bins. But people still let their dogs crap on playing fields and paths.
Don’t go thinking that it’s ok to scoop the poop into a bag and leave it on the side of the path, or tied to the fence, or tossed into the bush either. Those of us who visit those areas frequently know just how long those bags have been there – you’re not picking it up on the way back.
Don’t go blaming the council for not providing enough baggies either. How hard is it to put a couple of plastic bags in you pocket before setting out? It’s your dog, it’s your responsibility.
I pity the poor kids and adults who play cricket or footy in the park near us. The fields are always scattered with droppings, some reminicent of the dinosaur mound in Jurassic Park! Well, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but maybe not to the kid who slips in it when he tries to catch the ball.
We’d never go out without at least 3 supermarket bags in our pockets for our 2 golden retrievers – those little yellow doggy bags the council provides just wouldn’t cut it for our ‘dinosaurs’!

As we read on a walk somewhere recently “pick up your dog poo”.