Tea for 2…

Not much happens in our life and I’m sure it gets a bit boring to read, but I’m continuing with my daily posts regardless.

It was hairdresser day for me today. Back to the hairdresser I thought I’d lost. He’s got a nice little setup now in his home. Still in the process of getting things completely set up, but it’s looking good. And I’m very happy to know I’m getting my hair cut in a way I like it.

It was another pretty warm day (with unpleasantly warmer to come) so Anzac got water in the pool again.  As usual, much splashing was conducted.

After lunch we headed out to do some shopping – some new shirts for Stephen to wear to work, amongst other things. We did have a look at coffee plungers as well. We have a couple of 1 cup plungers; I want a 1litre plunger. Just comparing prices at this stage. Then we called in to the Post Office to pick up a parcel that they had tried to deliver this morning, but that we missed.

I love receiving my orders from T2. They always wrap each item separately in gorgeous wrapping. Even their most simple wrapping is a delight for the senses. It’s always like unpacking presents. It makes it worth it to order online rather than go into a store to buy the tea. There are a couple of places around Perth where T2 Tea can be bought but they have had free shipping this month so that’s an even better reason to buy online. They really did surpass themselves with the packaging this month; for Christmas. Beautiful gold and purple wrapping paper, tied with purple velvet ribbon and gold tassels. And settled into a nest of purple tissue paper. Remember this isn’t a gift-wrapped order,it’s always beautifully wrapped. This is just what T2 do!

T2 Tea Order

T2 Tea Order

FYI: The order contained a 250g tin of English Breakfast, a 250g tin of Russian Caravan and a 250g foil pack of Irish Breakfast (I already have a tin for that).