I never offered you a rose garden…

…or a frequent blog post anyway. Here’s a long overdue post.
Speaking of the rose garden…I’ll have to get to and prune the roses soon, but they are still flowering, so it’s a bit hard to chop off all of those buds. The veggie garden is still productive. We have more bok choy and silverbeet than we can use; there are still chillis, though their growth has slowed right down; the winter herbs are thriving and the broad beans are getting taller. We have an empty bed at the moment so I have to get to and plant that up. I did plant out a punnet of wong bok (chinese cabbage) but the slaters destroyed them virtually overnight, so I’ll have to scrape back the straw until the plants become established. It’s impossible to get rid of slaters and they do serve a ‘clean-up’ purpose in the garden. The native garden is also thriving. The wattles are all in varying stages of flower, as are many of the grevilleas – some that we haven’t seen in flower yet. We wait with baited breath for the fat buds on the candelabra to open.
Last weekend we had a visit from a very good friend who used to live in Jabiru with us. She now lives in North Queensland and was on the way to visit her daughter in Kalgoorlie for the birth of a grandbaby. Donna arrived on Friday and left on Monday and I wish she had been able to stay for longer.
Speaking of babies, a couple of other very good friends are now grandparents. Deb was a schoolfriend and Des has been a friend for over 20 years. Their eldest ‘kids’ got together through scouts and married a couple of years ago. They had a baby boy on July 3rd and I’m still waiting to see the photos. *hint hint* Congratulations to James and Jos on that wonderful news.
Last night our neighbour had a ‘ladies night’. Her daughters gave her a dvd of ‘Celtic Woman live at Slane Castle’. She decided to invite a few friends over for tea, company and delightful music. As guests we were asked to bring either a salad or dessert. I made condensed-milk-and-butternut-snap caramel tarts, which went down very well. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the finished product, so I won’t be posting the very-easy-recipe on the blog. Sorry about that. They aren’t something I make more than once every few years, so please don’t hold your breath for another batch. I enjoyed the evening very much – it was really nice to get out socially.
It’s great to see Sara Douglass actively blogging after her recent illness. Her new Notes from Nonsuch blog is promising to be a very enjoyable journal. I’m so pleased to see that you’re on the mend, Sara. My thoughts continue to be with you.
None of us know what life is going to throw at us, so we all need to make the most of every moment. We’re not always going to make the best choice in what we do, but we can try to make most of our choices positive and healthy.

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