How do you plant your cabbages?…Do you plant them with your elbow?…

I might, if I could buy the cabbages I wanted!
We spent a few hours in the garden today. I wanted to plant some Wong Bok (Chinese cabbage) to replace the ones that were totally decimated by slaters a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t able to find any seedlings. I ended up planting capsicum, leeks and spring onions. We had some success with leeks and spring onions last year and should have even more success this year as I’ve taken more care to thin out the seedlings. Last year our ‘mixed capsicums’ turned out to be chillis so I bought a different type this year.
I took care to dig in any old pea staw and didn’t put new straw on top. I left the surface clear so there was nowhere for the slaters to hide. Thanks to Josh Byrne from Gardening Australia for his advice on dealing with slaters.
Our broad beans are coming along really well. We’re really looking forward to a good crop this year – even better than last year’s. We’ve planted more seeds than last year, they were so yummy.
Last year’s bok choy is still thriving, as is the silverbeet. We just pick leaves when we need them and they keep producing. We can’t keep up with them, and the neighbours continue to get free greens from us.
Today we also did some pruning. The lavenders across the back of the rose garden were getting out of control so we’ve cut them well back. I also cut back a couple of the groundcover grevilleas in the front yard. They were covering the ‘path’ through the garden so I took the shears to them. I’ll need to get stuck into the rose bed in the next few days and prune the roses. They continue to flower, but the flowers are on weak stems and for the most part look very sad. It’s time to get serious give them a hard prune so we’ll have lots of good, healthy flowers in summer.
It’s so nice to get out into the garden after the wet, windy days. The days are crisp at the moment but the sunshine is lovely, as long as it lasts. Once you’re in the shade, tho’, it really is very chilly.

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