Get a job Sha-na-na-na, Sha-na-na-na-na…

I know I owe an update on the Brisbane trip. I promise it will be forthcoming…soon…

I’ve spent today polishing my resume and crafting cover letters for job applications. I’ve applied for 5 jobs so far.  I have 3 more on my list that I need to contact recruiters and find out locations, and 1 for ECU that requires addressing selection criteria and also requires inclusion of 2 referees who I have to just confirm before I give out their details.

None of the jobs are web development jobs. It’s just not an option for me right now. For the most part, the jobs I’m applying for are admin/reception jobs. I have to face the fact that with the 4 year break my commercial development experience level is just not current or high enough. My previous employer has been unable to provide me with more than a few hours of work in the past month. And realistically I’m not a freelancer at heart and would prefer to be working in a team environment. I would love to remain amongst the vibrancy of the web development industry, but know that I’m better if I’m working with people. One of the jobs I applied for combines both those – client liaison manager for a web development company.

Please cross all fingers and send positive vibes!

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