Freshly picked…

This morning I got up and got ready to take Anzac for his walk but got side-tracked. We went into the back-yard and I turned the drippers on in the rose garden. The roses are looking very pretty, despite some heat and wind damage, so I picked a bunch to bring inside. Time was moving on so I decided to feed to dogs and walk a bit later in the day.

I got busy doing other things – sanding doors, housework, changing insurance company – and we never did end up going for a walk. The sanding is hard work, even with the electric sander. It’s heavy and not easy to use above my head.

There was plenty of ball-tossing and chasing that went on through the day, though.

I went to bed quite stiff and achy and dead tired after the late night last night and the physical work.

Freshly picked from the garden

Freshly picked from the garden

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