Fly me to the blue moon and decades come and go, but not yet…

Catching up…

On New Years Eve there was a blue moon.  Nice…but not in Australia or New Zealand. We don’t get to have a blue moon until the end of January. It’s all explained in this post on the Aussie Organic Gardening blog.

On New Years Eve we were booked on a redeye Qantas flight from Perth to Sydney, leaving Perth at approx 11pm, connecting with a flight to Coffs Harbour the next morning.  That turned out to be not so nice.

Early that morning we did the online check-in thing. No worries.  That night, a few minutes after we left home for the airport, I received a text message saying that our flight had been cancelled and to call customer service. We were still close to home so we turned around and came home. While I waited on the phone for customer service, I logged onto the Qantas website and discovered that we’d been placed on a Jetstar flight that was due to leave Perth at approximately the same time at the original Qantas flight. We headed back to the airport. I never did get through to customer service.

Surely Qantas could have given us more than a couple of hours notice that they were cancelling the flight. If there weren’t enough passengers to justify the flight they would have known at least the day before. Yet we had been able to check in that morning. We chose Qantas because we wanted leg room, pillows, blankets, adjustable headrests, seats that lay back a reasonable amount, movies, food and drinks. Jetstar are a cut-price airline and provide none of that – not even a drink of water –  unless you pay for it. We had already paid in our ticket price. We got none of it. When we got to the Jetstar counter to check in we were told we might not even be able to sit together. It turns out there were plenty of seats and of course we could sit together, the check-in lady was just being nasty.  We had to call up to get our frequent flyer points allocated – that wasn’t done automatically. I asked about compensation – nothing scheduled, but I could write a letter to Customer Service and put our case if we thought it was strong enough. Sounds like a lot of hassle for us, but I probably should do something.

It appears that if we hadn’t had to connect with the Coffs flight we’d have had a choice of either flying Perth-Melbourne-Sydney or Perth-Brisbane-Sydney on Qantas.  We had a most uncomfortable, sleepless, flight but at least we made our connection and had a very enjoyable 2 weeks with mum in Nambucca Heads. More to come on that later…

On the topic of the end of the decade…

There has been much celebration in the media of the end of the first decade of the current millenium.  The only problem is that this year is the final year of the decade, not the beginning of a new one. You may disagree.  You may say to me that ten years have passed, since the turn of the century, but I’d say no! You see, I think we celebrated the new millenium a year early.

The years on the Gregorian calendar are not counted like birthdays. A baby is not one year old until he has lived for a year. He has a zero year where his age is counted in months. There was no year AD zero. The first year of the first millenium wasn’t counted in months – it was year 1. This means that a year hadn’t passed until the end of year AD1. Therefore the millenium wasn’t over until the end of year AD2000, and by the same reasoning the decade won’t finish until the end of this year.

You still may disagree. That’s ok. Here’s some info. Until you’re convinced, I’ll sit on my side of the fence and you can sit on yours. Time will continue to march on no matter how we count the years.

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