Feelin’ hot, hot, hot…

This morning Anzac and I got up earlyish and went for a nice long walk again. Then after breakfast we went and picked up our new modem/phone combo – BoB. AAE had tried to deliver it last week, but Tanisha wasn’t home. We ordered it last weekend so we’d have it by today at the latest and we’d only be without Internet and phone for the weekend.

It was all very easy to connect and install – just plug it in and it basically does the rest itself. I do still have to enter phone numbers in the phone book, though. It looks good, sleek and black and modern, so much slicker than the old modem and phone. Our old phone base station wasn’t charging properly. The remote handset (the 2nd handset) still works well, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to register it to BoB and we’ll have a 2nd handset as well.

A hot day again today – up around 36C, I think, maybe even a bit higher than that. Tomorrow is supposed to be 33 and then back below 30 for the rest of the week. We had wanted to take the pups to the beach this afternoon but it would have been a bit too hot for them on the sand.

I got a few more days of the New Zealand blog posted today. I may even get it finished tomorrow!!



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