Her intentions fall to the floor…

Well, I’m at the end of my 12WBT challenge and the weekly blog updates, that I fully intended to post, just didn’t happen. It’s been a busy 12 weeks and things didn’t go quite as planned. I went progressed well for the first 6 weeks. I stuck to the program, was amazed at the amount and quality of the food on the vegetarian nutrition plan, and lost weight. The last 6 weeks haven’t been quite so good.

  • I went to Melbourne for 10 days for a dog training workshop for the course I’m doing (Cert III in Dog Behaviour and Training with the National Dog Trainers Federation). For the most part I ate well, shopped carefully and planned my meals, but I succumbed to the vending machine in the training room on most afternoons.
  • The weekend after I got home I attended a four day tai chi instructor’s workshop in Perth. Morning and afternoon tea were provided¬† and for some weak-willed reason I just had to partake of the cake more than the fruit. I did take my own lunch, so didn’t fall into the trap of ordering from the menu at the cafe.
  • A couple of days after that workshop I came down with the worst case of the flu I think I’ve ever had. I was pretty much out of action for 2 weeks, but only off my food for the first few days. After that I craved comfort foods: chocolate, toast with butter and jam (Maggie Beer’s Burnt Fig Jam), chocolate, toast with butter and vegemite, chocolate…you get the idea.
  • Since recovering from the flu I’ve tried (and mostly succeeded) to cut back on the toast with not-so-good toppings, but I’m still eating too much chocolate; or more specifically, too many snickers bars – they are a current weakness. I do also have a fondness for Green & Blacks 70% Dark Chocolate 100g which I tell myself isn’t so bad because I only eat small amounts.


So I might not have had as much success on 12WBT as I could have but I’m not too disappointed with my results. I lost 4.6kg (that’s 7% weight loss) and nearly 6kg since the end of March. I haven’t taken new measurements or an after photo. I may do those things later today. The photos won’t be published on the blog, though.

The dog training course is going along fairly well. The first couple of days at the Melbourne workshop were a disaster. I really thought I was wasting my time and (not a small amount of) money. The trainer was terrible and she not only gave us incorrect information, but she failed to set us up properly for training we had to complete as a group through the week. She was more interested in telling us about her family and her life with dogs than training us properly. The poor dog she had with her was terrified of putting a paw out of place. The trainer was proud of the fact that she shows her dogs no affection. Luckily things improved from there on with some really exceptional trainers who made the whole experience really worthwhile.

Skatergirl Jet

Skatergirl Jet

I’ve been having a great time training Anzac and Jet. I have some training I have to complete (and video) for a couple of the units in the course, but the dogs are loving training so much that I’m throwing a few other tricks in as well. Truth be told, I’m loving the training as well so I’m much more focussed on doing that part of the course than completing the theory components and working on the reports and assignments. I do need to find a dog to train in targeting. That’s the first practical (videoed) task that I’ll have to submit. We’re supposed to train a dog that hasn’t been taught to target before, though I could train a different type of targeting than what my dogs know. I must admit I haven’t done much targeting at all with Jet so I could probably work with her for that one.

Princess Jet

Princess Jet

I’m keeping a dog training diary over at Walking With Dogs if you’re interested in reading what I’m up to or seeing some video of our training sessions.

Sleeping after a hard doggy day

Sleeping after a hard doggy day

The next workshop for the course will be held in October so I’ll be back in Melbourne for that, and will probably spend a few days in Geelong as well.

The tai chi worksop was great. It was actually two workshops, each two days long, run one after the other. One of Dr Paul Lam’s Master Trainers came over from Melbourne to teach the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Osteoporosis instructor courses. I’m going to be teaching Tai Chi for Arthritis for Arthritis & Osteoporosis W.A. I’m all booked to start a class in the marquee at Leapfrogs Cafe in Wanneroo in a couple of weeks. Hopefully I’ll get the numbers I need to make a go of it. I’m hoping there’ll be an article in the local community newspaper this week.

The Master Trainer who conducted the Perth workshops is holding a Tai Chi for Diabetes workshop in Melbourne the weekend before my next dog training workshop so I’ll go over a week early to attend that. I’ll also have time to do friend and family catch-ups in the few days between the workshops while I’m over there.

In other news I’m on a continuing quest to find out why I have so much pain in my right shoulder. An injection into the swollen bursa did nothing to alleviate the pain, so I’ve been to see an orthopedic surgeon who has sent me for x-rays and two MRIs and has now ordered another ultrasound-guided steroid injection – this time into the glenohumeral joint. He’s still uncertain about the cause of the pain, so this is a bit of a trial. I have to keep a pain diary after this injection. I also have an appointment with a rheumatologist to investigate the cause of my various arthritis’ (in the words of my G.P.), particularly the pain I have on waking. The shoulder pain may or may not be related.

Walk this way…

I’m making an effort to get out and get a bit more exercise. There are a couple of reasons for this.
1. I need the exercise – and don’t we all!! While my weight hasn’t really changed it the last year or two, I’m way above the weight that I’m happiest at and my waist measurement/waist:hip ratio is above the healthy level. Some of the photos Stephen took of me when we were in Brisbane were pretty horrifying. Admittedly it probably wasn’t a good idea to wear that top with those shorts, but I’m sure it wouldn’t have looked so bad without the spare tyre.
2. I find that when I’m exercising regularly I eat a lot healthier. I really needed to cut back on the chocolate…and the quantity of food I’ve been eating. Being at home all day certainly doesn’t help me maintain good eating habits.
3. While I’m not working, I need to be doing something outside the house or I go stir crazy.
4. I simply feel better if I’m out and about doing healthy things.

And these are the healthy things I’m doing:
1. Attending pilates classes twice a week. WOW!! This is very challenging. Flexibilty and core strength have never been my greatest strengths and they are two things I’ve really let go over the past few years.
2. Attending Tai Chi. I first started doing Tai Chi almost 30 years ago. I enjoyed it then and am enjoying it again. I’ve only done a couple of classes so far, but the people in the class are nice and it’s a social group. They get together for a cuppa after the class so not only am I getting the benefits of ‘moving meditation’ I’m also spending time with people. And for anyone who has never done Tai Chi, it’s considerably more challenging than you might think, though in a very different way to the pilates. The Tai Chi classes are held at beachsidelocations, which is very nice.
3. I’m walking again. Fitness walking, that is. I wear a pedometer every day from when I get up to when I go to bed. Stephen has been walking to the train each day, so I walk with him and then walk on, exploring different streets in the suburbs around us and sometimes walking down to the shared pathway along the coast. Last week, between Monday and Friday I walked 65km. A long, brisk walk is a great way to start the day. I keep a record of my steps walked at Walking with Attitude. It’s a site I really like. I’m not currently enrolled in any challenge, just walking to the beat of my own drum.