Some time ago Mary Victoria was sending me some lovely signed bookplates, discovered I live in Perth and asked if she’d be meeting me at Swancon. I’d never considered going – up until then. For pretty much the same reasons Glenda Larke quoted in this post on her blog. My first thought was: what am I going to do at something like that? After all, I’m not an author, I’m just a fan. A reader. Not a fan who gets involved in that type of thing. Just an enthusiastic reader.

I’ve been to other types of conventions before and had a great time but they’ve been conferences for industries I’ve worked in.

I mumbled an excuse to Mary along the lines that we’ll have visitors at the time. But the truth is that the visitor at that time will be my mum and she wouldn’t mind at all if I went off for a day and did my own thing. After all, I won’t have had a day to myself ‘doing my own thing’ for a month at that stage due to her visit and an overlapping visit by my mother-in-law prior to that.

I mentioned Mary’s question to my husband and his response was, “you should go, you know you’ll enjoy meeting the people.” Wonderful husband that I have 🙂

So, the thought has been there brewing and bubbling in the back of my mind. The bubbling became quite rapid when Glenda first made her post, but still I’ve done nothing about it. Now here I am with my thoughts and my conversations turning to Swancon; on full boil. It’s time I did something about it. So I ask you this: on which day should I plan to go?

My year in books…

Here’s my 2010 reading list. It’s a bit shorter than my 2009 list and almost all of the books listed are fantasy novels. I think everything is here, though there is a chance that I’ve missed adding a couple, especially non-fiction that I read alongside the fiction.
14 fantasy authors and 28 books including a book of 11 short stories by Australian fantasy legends.

The Dark Mirror – Juliet Marillier (Book 1 of The Bridei Chronicles)
Child of the Prophecy – Juliet Marillier (Book 3 of The Sevenwaters Trilogy)
Son of the Shadows – Juliet Marillier (Book 2 of The Sevenwaters Trilogy)
Daughter of the Forest – Juliet Marillier (Book 1 of The Sevenwaters Trilogy)
The Heir of Night – Helen Lowe – (Book 1 of The Wall of Night)
Tymon’s Flight – Mary Victoria – (Book 1 of the Chroncles of the Tree)
King’s Wrath – Fiona McIntosh – (Book 3 of the Valisar Trilogy)
Legends of Australian Fantasy – Jack Dann and Johnathan Strahan
Shalador’s Lady – Anne Bishop (A Black Jewels novel)
The Reluctant Mage – Karen Miller (Book 2 of Fisherman’s Children)
The Infinity Gate – Sara Douglass (Book 3 of Darkglass Mountain)
The Twisted Citadel – Sara Douglass (Book 2 of Darkglass Mountain)
Hell to Heaven – Kylie Chan (Book 2 of Journey to Wudang)
The Serpent Bride – Sara Douglass (Book 1 of Darkglass Mountain)
The Ambassador’s Mission – Trudi Canavan (Book 1 of The Traitor Spy)
Strange Attractors – Kim Falconer (Book 3 of Quantum Enchantment)
Arrows of Time – Kim Falconer (Book 2 of Quantum Enchantment)
Earth to Hell – Kylie Chan (Book 1 of Journey to Wudang)
Stormlord Rising – Glenda Larke (Book 2 of Watergivers)
Cold Magic – Kate Elliott (Book 1 of Spirit Walker)
The Spell of Rosette – Kim Falconer (Book 1 of Quantum Enchantment)
The Dukan Diet – Dr Pierre Dukan
Blue Dragon – Kylie Chan (Book 3 of Dark Heavens)
Red Phoenix – Kylie Chan (Book 2 of Dark Heavens)
Wizard Squared – K E Mills (Book 3 of Rogue Agent)
White Tiger – Kylie Chan (Book 1 of Dark Heavens)
At the Gates of Darkness – Raymond Feist (Book 2 of The Demonwar Saga)
Crown of Stars – Kate Elliott (Book 7 of Crown of Stars)

Friends and dragons…

A lovely day again today.

I started with a pedicure and manicure by Kim at Beauty @ Home. Always a good way to start the day and my hands and feet feel lovely.

Then into town to have lunch with another friend made at RMS. The positive about working there was the friendship group that resulted. Ally is a lovely lady and it looks like she’s landed a very good and well deserved job. It was great to catch up with her for lunch. We’re going to make it a regular date.

After lunch I called into Fantastic Planet bookshop and ordered Dave Freer’s Dragon’s Ring. I had meant to put in a much earlier pre-order but didn’t make it to Fantastic Planet to do so last week when I was in Perth. If I had I might even have the book now. The paperback version of Dragon’s Ring comes out on December 28th, but if your bookshop has it you can probably buy it now (something to do with overseas publishers sending the books out early so the bookshops will have them in stock to sell on release day).

You can buy it online from Fishpond, The Book Depository, Amazon or your favourite bookshop. You probably should have a Dave Freer book on your bookshelf so I’ve made it easy for you to buy one. 😉

I also called into the Oxfam Australia shop to buy some last minute gifts for friends. A worthwhile place to spend some money.

And to finish up today here’s a photo of the little lord of the manor.

Anzac getting comfortable

Anzac getting comfortable

Wizard to the power of two…

Karen Miller (aka KE Mills) ran a competition to win an advance copy of her new Rogue Agent book, Wizard Squared, and I won a copy!  As if winning itself isn’t exciting enough, the book arrived today! WooHoo! I usually never win anything so that makes it even better.

Wizard Squared By K. E. Mills

Wizard Squared By K. E. Mills

If you haven’t read any of Karen’s books, and you’re a fantasy fan, you are really missing out. She’s a very prolific, and quality,  writer – writing at a punishing pace and celebrating sending her books to the publisher in the strangest ways!

From her website: “Karen Miller is the author of the bestselling fantasy duology Kingmaker, Kingbreaker, the fantasy trilogy Godspeaker, the bestselling tie-in novels Stargate SG-1: Alliances and Stargate SG-1: Do No Harm and Star Wars The Clone Wars: Wild Space. Writing as K.E. Mills she is the author of the Rogue Agent series.”

I haven’t read any of her Stargate or Star Wars books, but I have read all the rest and I highly recommend them.

I think I’ll have to take a break from my current book and read Wizard Squared instead but don’t expect any spoilers when I’m done. The book is due for release in Oz on 31 January, 2010 but if you haven’t read the first two Rogue Agent books you really should go out and get them first.

Thanks again Karen!