Ball training…

Typical Saturday morning – laundry, grocery shopping. Also bought a can of the paint I want to use for the doors and trim.  Also another sample pots for the walls. The last one turned out to almost perfectly match the kitchen cupboards – not a color we want for the walls. It can be quite surprising how different paint (especially ‘white’ shades) can look on the wall.

In the afternoon I spent quite a bit of time working with Anzac on retrieving the ball. First I worked to have him drop the ball in my lap. Once he was doing that consistantly I started teaching him to drop it into a cap that I was holding. I’m hoping this will help when we’re playing ball in the park.  If I take a cap…and he’s used to having to put the ball in the cap if he wants it thrown again…perhaps he will.

We went for a late walk along the Burns Beach track. It was much quieter than usual, hardly any bike riders, not many walkers. I guess the cool wind probably put people off, that and the fact it’s Saturday night. The wind is fairly strong, but still we saw a Peregrine Falcon hanging in the sky, giving just a flutter of it’s wings every so often to stabilise in the wind, and every now and then diving to catch a snack. It’s not unusual to see falcons along the coast here and they are amazing to watch.

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