You say tomarto, I say tomayto…

An amazing number of people stumble over the pronunciation or the spelling of my website and email address. Others who don’t have those same problems are simply curious as to why “faery” and not “fairy”

From Wikipedia:
“The word fairy derives from the term fae of medieval Western European (Old French) folklore and romance, one famous example being Morgan le Fay (‘Morgan of the Fae’). “Fae-ery” was therefore everything that appertains to the “fae”, and so the land of “fae”, all the “fae”. Finally the word replaced its original and one could speak of “a faery or fairy”, though the word fey is still used as an adjective. ‘Fae’ is the plural, ‘Faery’ is the singular.”

So faery is just an older form of fairy. You often also see it spelled “faerie”.

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