What do you do when you’re bored?

Stephen had to go back to work today, back up to the mine. His flight left a bit later than normal, so it wasn’t a super-early start, but still too early for me to take Anzac for a walk and it was too hot when we got back. It did get cooler later in the day but we’ve been for longish walks (a 7km route) the last couple of days so I thought it might be a good idea to take a break today.

I did some work on the computer (researching some software that I want) then went out to look at some furniture; I want a small buffet/hallstand type cabinet to sit alongside my work desk to give me a bit more surface space. I didn’t quite see what I wanted, though. I also looked at some carpet; we need new carpet in the lounge and main bedroom. I found something I like, so we’ll progress on that soon. Then to the paint shop to get a couple of sample pots. I need to paint the internal doors and trim, and maybe (hopefully) most of the walls – before the carpet goes down.

Back home and a call to mum. BoB might be dark and sleek and sexy, but I had a few problems with the phone. To add to the hassles I kept getting an error when I tried to open the handset manual. Acrobat Pro couldn’t open .pdfs. Don’t know what that was about and in the end I installed Acrobat Reader and that worked. I also managed to register our old second handset to BoB. It’s not a clean registration, but it seems to work well enough so time will tell whether we want to keep a handset in the bedroom.

I got two more days posted to the New Zealand blog; lots of photos with one of them. Still not finished, I have four more NZ days to post.

The decision not to walk Zac proved to be a mistake. He got bored and went into the bedroom, pulled the oversheet off his bed, flipped his mattress, found the hole he’d chewed (he sniffs it out and knows when he has to turn the mattress over) and pulled out quite a lot of the wool filling. I’m going to have to fix that soon, but for now I packed the damaged mattress away and replaced it with the spare. I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

His favourite sleeping spot at night is between the window and the curtain in the bedroom. He loves to keep an eye on what’s happening outside. All you can usually see of him is is tail…and sometimes his little black nose.

Zac in his favourite sleeping spot

Zac in his favourite sleeping spot

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