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I’m making an effort to get out and get a bit more exercise. There are a couple of reasons for this.
1. I need the exercise – and don’t we all!! While my weight hasn’t really changed it the last year or two, I’m way above the weight that I’m happiest at and my waist measurement/waist:hip ratio is above the healthy level. Some of the photos Stephen took of me when we were in Brisbane were pretty horrifying. Admittedly it probably wasn’t a good idea to wear that top with those shorts, but I’m sure it wouldn’t have looked so bad without the spare tyre.
2. I find that when I’m exercising regularly I eat a lot healthier. I really needed to cut back on the chocolate…and the quantity of food I’ve been eating. Being at home all day certainly doesn’t help me maintain good eating habits.
3. While I’m not working, I need to be doing something outside the house or I go stir crazy.
4. I simply feel better if I’m out and about doing healthy things.

And these are the healthy things I’m doing:
1. Attending pilates classes twice a week. WOW!! This is very challenging. Flexibilty and core strength have never been my greatest strengths and they are two things I’ve really let go over the past few years.
2. Attending Tai Chi. I first started doing Tai Chi almost 30 years ago. I enjoyed it then and am enjoying it again. I’ve only done a couple of classes so far, but the people in the class are nice and it’s a social group. They get together for a cuppa after the class so not only am I getting the benefits of ‘moving meditation’ I’m also spending time with people. And for anyone who has never done Tai Chi, it’s considerably more challenging than you might think, though in a very different way to the pilates. The Tai Chi classes are held at beachsidelocations, which is very nice.
3. I’m walking again. Fitness walking, that is. I wear a pedometer every day from when I get up to when I go to bed. Stephen has been walking to the train each day, so I walk with him and then walk on, exploring different streets in the suburbs around us and sometimes walking down to the shared pathway along the coast. Last week, between Monday and Friday I walked 65km. A long, brisk walk is a great way to start the day. I keep a record of my steps walked at Walking with Attitude. It’s a site I really like. I’m not currently enrolled in any challenge, just walking to the beat of my own drum.

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