Two days for the price of one…

Not much happened yesterday, so no post. It was a very quiet day. Anzac and I went for a walk and just about everything startled him. He walked as far away as possible from a large woman in a blue and black tracksuit. He refused to walk past a wheelie bin that was covered in a garden scene. We had to cross the road to get past it.

It was very windy; I’m so sick of the wind. It makes the summer in this area so unpleasant.

Stephen had to go into the office and he took the car so I was home without it.  I should have done a lot, but I didn’t get much done that was constructive. I should have done some more sanding so I could get the first stage of the painting done, but didn’t. What I did was a lot more research reading tech writing blogs and then ended the day by applying for a job as a technical assistant with an oil and gas company. While I really want to go with the freelance tech writing, I’m still applying for jobs that look interesting. Nothing else will give me the freedom that freelancing will give, though.

Today started with a visit by the fencing contractor to have a look at the fence so he can quote and write a report for the insurance company. We also met the next door neighbor’s son and daughter-in-law, who came over to find out what’s happening about the fence. Nice people. We’ll email him the quote and report when we get it so he can send it on to his dad’s insurance company.

We pruned a few of the shrubs in the front yard as they’ve now finished flowering. The Geraldton Waxes were looking a bit scruffyso they’ve now been cut back and shaped a bit; the Toothbrush Grevillea was way too big and spreading too wide so we took quite a bit off the top and around the sides; some of the groundcover Grevilleas were spreading too far and covering the path, making it hard to get through the garden, so we cut those back to straight edges.

I had a call from a friend who wondered if I was interested in re-writing his friend’s resumé. He’s going to pass on my contact info. Maybe resumé writing is something I should add to my tech writing offerings.

The rest of the day was filled with normal Saturday things like grocery shopping, laundry, dead-heading the roses and throwing the ball for Anzac.

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