Hindsight – a wondeful thing…

Another disappointing day today. We could easily have finished at lunch time. We briefly covered macros and master documents this morning. I have never before created macros (have used them, not created them) so I knew nothing. Well the trainer knew less than nothing. She tried showing us things that didn’t work and she didn’t know how to make them work. I figured that out and showed her and the class. That gave me quite a buzz and certainly rekindled my interest in computer training. One of the other students thanked me for my help in class – she was very annoyed with the trainer’s obvious lack of experience, planning and knowledge. I must also mention that the trainer did acknowledge that the class obviously didn’t live up to my expectations and she thanked me for my help.

Three of us (the other two students who had also been in the intermediate class and I) went to Jaws for lunch and thoroughly enjoyed our food and each others’ company. That was my third lunch there this week. Why try something else when the food is so good and it’s a healthy option? The lunch vouchers were the best part of the course! I waited until I got home then logged onto the website and filled in the course evaluation form. I wanted to take my time and make sure I gave carefully thought out and complete feedback.

I really shouldn’t have been so impatient to do this course – I should have waited for an available space in a course with my first choice in training provider, but that would have meant waiting until March.

We finished up early and I travelled part way home on the train with one of the other ladies. It was nice to get home a bit early and have a chance to relax before heading to the airport to pick up Stephen.

It’s good to have him home.