Business essentials and raindrops…

We’ve had some lovely rain today.  It’s brought the temperature down and made the garden and the birds very happy! And most of the residents of the Perth area as well, I’m sure.

I spent this morning researching topics to put into my Intro to Computers course. I want to put together a set of modules so that I can easily tailor the course depending on the learners needs.I also looked into the Information and Communications Training package to see which units I think I’ll be able to incorporate into the course. There are a couple of options there.

Then I looked into options for business cards. I went to OfficeWorks and priced cards that I can print myself. $50 for 200 269gsm cards, plus the cost of ink and the time it would take to print them myself. And then would I end up with a professional looking product? I don’t think so. 260gsm seems to be the heaviest weight card you can get to go through the inkjet printer. A professional printer would probably print on 360gsm card. Quite a difference; and quite a difference in finished product. I priced having them done at a printer. I can get them done for $99 for 1000 cards, plus GST and the cost of artwork which will probably be about $50. All depending on how fancy I want to get – not so fancy at all.

I also emailed our accountant for some advice, and spent some time on the ATO website looking at information on starting a small business, paticularly on record keeping. There’s a good guide to record keeping that the ATO puts out for small business.

Still a lot of work to be done, but it’s keeping me busy and out of trouble.