Your dingaling, your dingaling, I want you to play with your dingaling…

Few things get me more riled up than bicyle safety.
I get really cranky about drivers who don’t show respect to bike riders – how would you feel if you hit someone on a bike? Of course it’s not only the drivers that need to show more respect. There are some bike riders who could be a lot more respectful of cars on the road.
I’m both saddened and angered by the numbers of kids I see riding to school without helmets. These kids aren’t always on their own either, they are often riding with parents – who also have no helmets. How would you feel if your chilld suffered a head injury because they fell from their bike and hit their helmetless head? Why don’t the schools police it? Wouldn’t they prefer to reduce the seriousness of any injury experienced by their students on their way to/from school. Why don’t the police police it? It’s the law. Whether you’re 2 years old on your first bike or you’re 102 years old on your latest bike you should be wearing a helmet. Get those toddlers into the habit even if they aren’t going onto the road yet. No helmet = no bike!
I get a real bee in my bonnet about cyclists who don’t use their bells. Just ask anyone who’s been out walking on a shared pathway with me! If I’m walking, whether I’m wearing my iPod or not, I’m not going to hear you come up behind me on your bike. I could, for any number of reasons, step sideways, right into your path. Ring your bell to warn me you’re coming! Your bike isn’t roadworthy if it doesn’t have lights and a bell. The bell isn’t just there for show. It’s not painted on (like Russell Kirkpatrick’s car indicators). Not too long after we moved to Perth a pedestrian died after being hit by a cyclist on a shared pathway. How would you feel if you were that bike rider? If, heaven forbid, you don’t have a bell on your bike go out and get one, and in the meantime when you approach a pedestrian call out to them “bike on your right!” to warn them that you’re passing.