Give me a head with hair…

I know it’s been a while since my last update, but here I am, finally getting round to it. I was going to just create one long post, but have decided to split it up into short topical posts.
I was going to post a rant about hairdressers, but I think I might have found a keeper. I was going to a pretty good hairdresser, who could colour my hair the way I wanted and cut it in a way I liked (most of the time), but it cost me more every time I went to her and it was getting to the stage where I felt like I’d need a second mortgage to keep having my hair done! I was not happy about that so I started trying different hairdressers, but if they could do the color the way I liked they couldn’t cut my hair properly. The last one (before the keeper) chopped my hair short instead of just thinning it out when I told her how thick and shaggy it gets on top. Yes, my hair is already short, but I had it styled nicely, not chopped into. So much for the style I had going on! Anyway, hopefully the ‘keeper’ will turn out to be a real keeper. He cost me half as much as the original hairdresser and seems to have a pretty good vision of what I want and has got my hair back into some shape, after just one cut and a nice color. He’s close to home as well, which is another bonus – the original one was about 1/2 hour drive. Hopefully the 2nd cut by him will continue in the same vein.

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