My Tardis Build – Stage 9

2 coats of paint all over and it’s looking even more like a Tardis. One more coat and then I’ll put the sign boxes on before the final coat. Window frames, door sign and handle will go on after the final coat of paint.

Looking more like a Tardis

Looking more like a Tardis

What you can’t see is the plastic ‘ceiling’ I installed. I took the roof off and fitted some big plastic placemats that we had but haven’t used for years, as an extra level of waterproofing. Time will tell whether that works or is even a good idea.

I think we’re going to turn our old letterbox into a planter and put this one closer to the house. I had a chat with one of the guys at the mail centre and he said they won’t mind as long as there’s easy access. The council do have rules about the letterbox being on the front boundary of the property but they won’t worry about it unless there’s a complaint about the position.

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