Doctor, doctor, tell me the news….

I’m slowly getting over having a general anaesthetic. I’ll maybe post about the surgery another time, but suffice to say it was for dental work. I was under for more than 2 hours and it’s easy to forget how long it can take your body to recover from something like that – especially when it’s the second time in 6 months.
I’m slowly getting back into my exercise routine. I was back at Tai Chi yesterday and pilates today. I’m absolutely buggered now. I’m finding that I’m exhausted by the early evening, but each day is better. Hopefullyby next week I’ll be back to my normal routine. I had only expected to be out of action for a couple of days.
Oh well, not being able to eat anything much is certainly good for the weight!

Does anybody really know what time it is, does anybody really care…

Today we, in Western Australia, went to the polls to vote in a referendum for Daylight Savings. Daylight savings has a very chequered history in this state.

Here’s a government paper on the history of daylight savings in Australia

Late afternoon at Quinns Rocks Beach

Late afternoon at Quinns Rocks Beach

I was in high school 38 years ago when daylight savings was introduced in Victoria (and much of Australia). Since then I’ve lived in a lot of different places and the only place not to have DLS was Jabiru in the NT. I can understand Australia’s top end and the tropics not having DLS. There is no winter. There’s just hot and wet or hot and dry. The closer you are to the equater, the less the difference in the length of day and night.
I don’t understand why anyone in Western Australia wouldn’t want it. I guess I’ve lived with it for so much of my life, it’s normal for me. None of the arguments against daylight savings make sense to me.
As I write this it looks like there’s going to be an overwhelming NO vote. Polling closed 45 minutes ago and it’s 70% No, 30% Yes, so far. It’s so strange but not so unexpected. This is a state that has no Sunday trading, except for a few exceptions, and definitely no 24 hour trading. It’s apparently not so long ago that petrol stations were only open on a roster on Sundays. Many Western Australians, ‘specially those who’ve lived here all, or most, of their lives don’t seem to want much in the way of progress or change, or alignment with the trends of the rest of the country/world. I don’t say this with the intention of upsetting or offending any Western Australian’s. It’s just the way I see things – as someone who’s only lived here for less than 2 years.
I do wonder how many of the naysayers will realise next summer, after 3 years of DLS trial, just what they’ve lost, how good it was and will wish they had voted Yes.

When polls closed last night with 71 per cent of the vote counted, the “No” vote maintained a 55.5 per cent to 44.5 cent lead over the “Yes” vote. Bye-bye daylight savings.

Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow…

Our organic veggie garden continues to be very productive.

Our Veggie Garden

Our Veggie Garden

We’re still getting tomatoes from the same 3 plants that were so prolific back in January. Mum started picking tomatoes for us while she was looking after our girls when we went away for the week in December. We had such an abundance of tomatoes in january that she made us a huge batch of tomato relish. The plants aren’t producing in excess right now, but we’re still picking enough each week, that we really don’t feel ready to pull out the plants and reutilise the bed.
The 5 bok choy plants are still giving us more than we can use. They have been a great producer. We just go out with a big bowl and a sharp knife and cut off a bowlful of leaves and add them to whatever we’re cooking for tea. The plants are lovely and healthy and as long as we keep cutting, they keep growing and haven’t gone to seed.
Now that the weather is milder (mid-high 20’s(C) during the day and low teens overnight) the silver beet is doing really well. We have Fordhook Giant and Rainbow Chard varieteis planted. Last week I made a yummy silver beet pie (to a spinach pie recipe) with feta cheese and filo pastry. Silver beet can be a bit bitter, but if you pick te leaves while the are fairly small and young they are delicious, and most people think the coloured stem varieties are sweeter.
We had a few nice cobs of corn. Next year we need to plant more.
The first sweet corn from our garden

The first sweet corn from our garden

The beans haven’t been as successful as we would have liked, but we are getting about a handful a week from them. That bed is really under-utilised, though.
Something is eatitng our broccoli! We had a couple of nice heads growing then went out one morning and half of one of the heads had gone. The next morning that whole head was gone! A couple of days later the other forming heads had been eaten as well. We managed to pick one nice head for ourselves. We can only think that we have a possum visiting the garden at night, though it’s not eating anything else and I would have thought a possum would be interested in ripening tomatoes.
We have an abundence of chillis. Hungarian yellows, scotch bonnets, and several other varieties.
Some of the chilli peppers from our garden

Some of the chilli peppers from our garden

Most seem to be pretty high on the heat scale, so I’m staying away from those.

Walk this way…

I’m making an effort to get out and get a bit more exercise. There are a couple of reasons for this.
1. I need the exercise – and don’t we all!! While my weight hasn’t really changed it the last year or two, I’m way above the weight that I’m happiest at and my waist measurement/waist:hip ratio is above the healthy level. Some of the photos Stephen took of me when we were in Brisbane were pretty horrifying. Admittedly it probably wasn’t a good idea to wear that top with those shorts, but I’m sure it wouldn’t have looked so bad without the spare tyre.
2. I find that when I’m exercising regularly I eat a lot healthier. I really needed to cut back on the chocolate…and the quantity of food I’ve been eating. Being at home all day certainly doesn’t help me maintain good eating habits.
3. While I’m not working, I need to be doing something outside the house or I go stir crazy.
4. I simply feel better if I’m out and about doing healthy things.

And these are the healthy things I’m doing:
1. Attending pilates classes twice a week. WOW!! This is very challenging. Flexibilty and core strength have never been my greatest strengths and they are two things I’ve really let go over the past few years.
2. Attending Tai Chi. I first started doing Tai Chi almost 30 years ago. I enjoyed it then and am enjoying it again. I’ve only done a couple of classes so far, but the people in the class are nice and it’s a social group. They get together for a cuppa after the class so not only am I getting the benefits of ‘moving meditation’ I’m also spending time with people. And for anyone who has never done Tai Chi, it’s considerably more challenging than you might think, though in a very different way to the pilates. The Tai Chi classes are held at beachsidelocations, which is very nice.
3. I’m walking again. Fitness walking, that is. I wear a pedometer every day from when I get up to when I go to bed. Stephen has been walking to the train each day, so I walk with him and then walk on, exploring different streets in the suburbs around us and sometimes walking down to the shared pathway along the coast. Last week, between Monday and Friday I walked 65km. A long, brisk walk is a great way to start the day. I keep a record of my steps walked at Walking with Attitude. It’s a site I really like. I’m not currently enrolled in any challenge, just walking to the beat of my own drum.

Give me a head with hair…

I know it’s been a while since my last update, but here I am, finally getting round to it. I was going to just create one long post, but have decided to split it up into short topical posts.
I was going to post a rant about hairdressers, but I think I might have found a keeper. I was going to a pretty good hairdresser, who could colour my hair the way I wanted and cut it in a way I liked (most of the time), but it cost me more every time I went to her and it was getting to the stage where I felt like I’d need a second mortgage to keep having my hair done! I was not happy about that so I started trying different hairdressers, but if they could do the color the way I liked they couldn’t cut my hair properly. The last one (before the keeper) chopped my hair short instead of just thinning it out when I told her how thick and shaggy it gets on top. Yes, my hair is already short, but I had it styled nicely, not chopped into. So much for the style I had going on! Anyway, hopefully the ‘keeper’ will turn out to be a real keeper. He cost me half as much as the original hairdresser and seems to have a pretty good vision of what I want and has got my hair back into some shape, after just one cut and a nice color. He’s close to home as well, which is another bonus – the original one was about 1/2 hour drive. Hopefully the 2nd cut by him will continue in the same vein.